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The Insulin Patient Decision Aid for Apple iPad
In March 2014, as part of the efforts to facilitate wider availability of shared decision making tools for patients and practitioners, the DMIT research team together with Pusat Teknologi Maklumat UM have just launched the Insulin Decision Aid app on the Apple Appstore called "Making Choices: Should I Start Insulin?"
This interactive app guides patients with type 2 diabetes who have been asked to initiate insulin to...
  • understand diabetes, insulin, and blood sugar control
  • weigh the risks and benefits of treatment options 
  • make a choice that is consistent with their personal values
  • discuss their concerns with their healthcare professional
The Insulin Decision Aid app
  • is locally developed in Malaysia
  • is based on stakeholder interviews and roundtable discussions with patients and healthcare professionals. 
  • incorporates animations and voiceovers to convey information in an interactive and attractive manner. 


Users are able to download this app for FREE on the iPad Appstore. Just search for "Insulin Decision Aid" on the iPad Appstore and you will find it; please see the attached screenshot reference. Currently, the app is only available in an English version, but language translations are planned.